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in the end . . . .
I am what's left of

and we've known each other all our lives and yet we're strangers

you hide from me one way

i hide from you in another way.

you see me as cold

i see you as a shadow

the only way to regain my sanity is to leave it all behind

see i miss you, you don't believe a word i say

there's just nothing to get you here with me that won't turn me into someone you'd hate.

such a lust in my body to see you.

i look for you in all strangers, wanting nothing more than that connection

what kind of connection am i talking about- your perception is that you're not yourself

and i am not myself either

we were trying to impress each other, that we were not ourselves


edit- 00:44 SAT APR-23-11

reading this, i believe i'm just forcing something out of the universe that isn't there- or has yet to come.

i need to work with what i have.


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