Writer's Block: Going for the throat

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Can't I be both like vampire hunter d?


I would want to be a vampire hunter that gets seduced to being a vampire. For reasons of morality. I would definitely want to end up a vampire, though If I'm not allowed my first option. I would be a vampire rooting for my prey. My moral compass is like that. For reasons being I don't think that as a vampire, it should be so easy on such a weak a creature as a human. But i wouldn't eat too much, or make them suffer so much. But i would hunt other vampires if they were too cruel for my taste.

The Lessons You Learn

Debauchery or Depravity?

They are, rooted down, the same thing.

They both are about extreme.

I often scoff at people who could not control their appetite. What of me? I am their mirror reflection. it's very interesting that for the longest time, I believe that I have not done anything wrong. Depravity is the other option. I don't sleep enough, I don't eat enough. When I do it's usually stuff that laced with sugar, fat, and/or salt. Stuff that superficially fills up the belly, but is short on everything else.

Just enough to get around. A farce. 

in the end . . . .

I am what's left of

and we've known each other all our lives and yet we're strangers

you hide from me one way

i hide from you in another way.

you see me as cold

i see you as a shadow

the only way to regain my sanity is to leave it all behind

see i miss you, you don't believe a word i say

there's just nothing to get you here with me that won't turn me into someone you'd hate.

such a lust in my body to see you.

i look for you in all strangers, wanting nothing more than that connection

what kind of connection am i talking about- your perception is that you're not yourself

and i am not myself either

we were trying to impress each other, that we were not ourselves


edit- 00:44 SAT APR-23-11

reading this, i believe i'm just forcing something out of the universe that isn't there- or has yet to come.

i need to work with what i have.
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don't you f@^$*#* tell me that!

that, that which is so obtainable to others is not obtainable to me!

then all of this is for nothing!

sometimes i wish i didn't have this

and then people wonder why i see it as a curse and not a blessing.
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A Parachute For Drowning

Always this dialogue

but now it's ever so clearer

reflective and reflexive

stunned . . . . I know these people

they don't know me.

and i've been lying

the mornings have been dark/unknown
the evenings have been blistering

I've been both

I've learned to count my days now with
punctuations of encouragement
so that they out match where I don't want to be.

even with this- old lessons drag behind me.
such disdain- thought we were done